Update your Living Room for under $100!
Update your Living Room for under $100!

1. Purge.
Go get three boxes or bins. You’ll use one for trash-you’ll be amazed at the tissues, old magazines, and candy wrappers that somehow end up under your sofa cushions. You’ll use another box for items that you’ll eventually sell or give away. The living room often becomes the family dumping ground for shoes, books, and games. That’s why you’ll need the third box-for things that belong in other rooms. Start at the entrance of your living room, and start filling those boxes, progressing around the room in a clockwise fashion. Every item you see should have to justify its existence in your living room. You don’t have to keep the dish that Aunt Franny gave you for your wedding if you think it’s hideously ugly. You don’t need as many knick-knacks as you think you do. Don’t just leave paintings on your wall because they’ve always been there and you don’t feel like hanging up a new one. If an item doesn’t somehow bring pleasure to you or your family, get rid of it. The less you have in your living room, the easier it will be to update its look. This step doesn’t cost you anything, and if you sell some of the items you no longer need, it may even earn you a buck or two.

2. Polish.
Now that you’ve decluttered your living room, it’s time to take another cost-free step. Everything should be made to look as good as new. Use a broom to knock down cobwebs. Use a duster to clean off all your plants, silk or otherwise. Use Pledge or furniture polish to make every item you’re keeping shine. (If you’re not willing to dust it, you might reconsider whether or not it should really stay in the room at all.) Take all your furniture, and move it into the center of the room. Now, get your vacuum, and clean along the edges. Get down on your hands and knees and scrub the baseboards. If your walls have a washable paint, get a bucket of soapy water and a step-ladder and wash them too. Now that you’ve put a shine on everything, you’ll be able to see whether or not the room needs a more dramatic change.


3. Paint.
If you are looking for a more dramatic change, paint is your best option. You can buy enough paint to cover the average living room for less than $50. And here is where you can really play. Perhaps you’d like to paint an accent wall a different color than the rest. Maybe you’re trying to pick up colors in your existing furniture. If you want your living room to look cozier, choose warmer shades of the earth-tone variety. If you want your living room to look bigger, choose bright, light colors. There’s a reason that most home-models are painted in shades of white and cream-light walls trick the eye into seeing more space. And spaciousness is the modern directive. If you’re into minimalist modern furniture like myself, don’t touch the paint (unless it needs repairing.) minimalist modern furniture can make your small space look incredibly large and stylish at the same time. This can help you increase the value of your property.

4. Lighting.
If you have old-fashioned lamps that no longer suit your décor, keep an eye out for inexpensive torchieres. You can purchase lovely floor lamps with modern lines for less than $20 and brighten up your living room accordingly. If you like the lamps you have, but you’re looking for more romance, consider adding candles to the room. If you’re worried about pets and children knocking them over, remember that you can inexpensively fasten candle-holders to the wall for a dramatic safety-conscious look that will keep the clutter off your surfaces.

5. Sofa Covers.
Maybe it’s time to face the fact that your sofa has seen better days. You’re not likely to be able to replace your sofa unless a friend or relative is willing to donate theirs. But you can still change the look of your sofa and make an impact in your living room. There are available a variety of slipcovers, some of them for under $30, that will wake up your living room.

Make these five changes to your living room, and you can give it an updated, modern look. You can even do it all for less than $100, so don’t use expense as an excuse.…

Update Your Bathroom For Less Than $100!
Update Your Bathroom For Less Than $100!

An outdated bathroom can be a huge liability when selling your home. Updating the bathroom can help increase the value of your home and does not have to cost a fortune. A pedestal sink is a great way to update a bathroom and get the most bang for your buck. Pedestal sinks are one of the hottest trends in bathrooms today. They offer clean lines and a great way to add design and function to an existing bathroom. One of the best features of a pedestal sink is that they will draw all eyes away from other more outdated features in your home bathroom. Installing a pedestal sink will take a lot of elbow grease and a little time, but you will find that it can be accomplished for under $100. Here are some great sources for finding a pedestal sink for under $100.
Where to Buy a Used Pedestal Sink for Under $100

1. Place ad in paper. Let people know what you are looking for. A lot of people love to read the classifieds over a steaming hot cup of coffee on a Sunday morning. You will easily be surprised at what people have to sell if they know you want it.

2. Read the classified section in paper. Check out the for sale sections. I have seen everything form the kitchen sink, literally, to ancient light fixtures for sale in the paper. Pedestal sinks are usually available at almost any time in my area.

3. Check www.Craigslist.org. Now, there is not one thing I can name that I have not seen for sale on Craigslist. There is always a pedestal sink for sale on Craigslist. Best of all you might be able to trade for the pedestal sink and get rid of something you don’t use and manage to get your updated bathroom feature for free!

4. Visit your local Goodwill and Salvation Army. People donate almost everything, including pedestal sinks, you can imagine to the Salvation Army and Goodwill. I once found an entire roll of linoleum at the local Salvation Army furniture center. Save yourself a little legwork and call ahead and ask if they have any pedestal sinks in at the moment. It is an unusual item that most clerks would take notice of. There are always toilets at my local Salvation Army furniture donation center and pedestal sinks are not rare at all. Best of all a lot of the pedestal sinks are real vintage pieces from local older homes that are being gutted and rehabbed.

5. Yard Sales, Flea Markets, and Auctions are a great source for pedestal sinks under $100. I have come across pedestal sinks in great condition for as little as $20 at the flea market. If there is a tiny nick or a little wear and tear then pay someone to come in and reglaze it. If you want to do this yourself you could easily buy the refinishing paint for about $40 at your local home improvement store. You certainly could afford to if you found a sink for $20. Best of all you are saving a vintage pedestal sink from a life of sitting in a garbage pile. Most of these pieces will already have the faucets attached as well.

Where to Buy a Brand Spanking New Pedestal Sink For Under $100
1. While you may not expect to find a pedestal sink for under a $100 it is actually not too difficult. Both Home Depot and Lowe’s have great affordable pedestal sinks that come in well below $100. Keep in mind that you will have to purchase hardware (the faucet) separately. All in all though, you can still come in below or right at $100 for both of these. Specifically at Lowe’s I have seen a pedestal sink named the Decolav Country Side Pedestal Sink for only $88. Aqua Source makes and affordable pedestal sink sold at Lowe’s for $78 named the White Windsor Pedestal Sink. Aqua Source also makes a super cheap pedestal sink that costs only $45 for both the sink and pedestal named the White Carlton Pedestal Sink and Base. The base is $20 and the sink is $25. This is also sold at Lowes. All of these pedestal sinks are simple in design and would work well in almost any bathroom décor. The best features that they leave you enough money to find an affordable faucet for them as well. You should easily be able to buy everything you need for under $100 with most of these options.

2. You should also check with your local home expo center and find out when they are doing their floor sample or display sale. Many local furniture stores and home expo centers will hold annual and semi annual sales of floor models for a steal. Be prepared to tote the pedestal sink out yourself. While you can’t expect a lot of help loading your pedestal sink into your car, at least you are getting a great designer piece on a huge price break. Specifically in cities I have lived in the past they have had Home Depot Expo Centers. They are a great place to buy bargain floor samples.…